A Brief History of X-stitch

X-stitch is a relatively new phenomenon in my life. I blame my mother.

Luckily it’s a SUPER cheap hobby. And takes up very little space. So it’s ideal really.

It all started with this kit from Micheals that my mother bought for me. She thought would be good for calming my racing thoughts. She also thought a reminder of my recent wedding would ground me. It worked. That woman is definitely a genius.

So here it is. In all it’s squared-off-curves glory.

Ain’t she a beauty.

Sadly, it seems they do not stock this kit anymore. Sorry folks.


Next I decided that I was going to make EVERYONE on my Christmas list a tree ornament. Because there were so many I knew I needed something easy. I also did not have the skill level to do anything elaborate. That little sampler took months. So I did white snowflakes on coloured aida. BAM. Cheating hardcore.

After many more small projects (a minion for a fan, butterflies for mother’s day) I decided to throw caution to the wind and take on an enormous project for a very good friend’s wedding. I wanted something really special so I found this pattern in Cross Stitch Crazyhttp://www.cross-stitching.com/magazines/cross-stitch-crazy that I KNEW I absolutely had to stitch.

After that I had the confidence to take on anything.

So advice for new stitchers? There is not a lot of technical expertise to the craft. It is mostly patience. Over time you will get faster at stitching, things will look neater with practice. Have the confidence to start a big project.

Knitting will always be my homegirl. But sometimes making something that you envisioned on fabric is so satisfying.

Much love and happy crafting!

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