The Easiest Crochet Blanket Ever

Ok, I will admit I have made this blanket 6 times. It’s partially my fault for wanting someting quick and mindless- and partially because everyone wants one!

This super easy pattern looks great in any colour. It is easily customizable to an size from baby to queen bed spread. The pattern looks complicated but it is only chain and double crochet.


I made this double bed size spread as a birthday gift to my husband waaaaay back in our dating lives. We still use it! It’s very warm

The pattern came from my dorm room mate Steph. I don’t know where she go it. I have passed it on to every crochetter I meet.


The blanket is called a “corner to corner”. Which means you can play with width since  you  don’t have to commit to a foundation chain. A standard pattern creates a square blanket but if you simply begin decreasing on one side and not the other it will become a rectangle.

Above is a sample of a square which gets slip stitched to the next. You then chain 3 and then crochet 3 double crochet into the hole created by the stitch below. The second picture is turning the corner, which begins decreasing that side.

While this is super easy once you’ve learned it, sometimes the process is hard to grasp at first. Here is an excellent video to get you started.

Happy hooking!

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