Harvest Apron

What is a harvest apron you ask? Literally the greatest thing for a backyard gardener. It converts from a regular flat apron for use while canning or other food processing to a basket for harvesting small amounts of fruit and veg. No more trying to open the door with one pinky while holding your catch of the day.

The process is crazy simple. You need about 2 meters of fabric, or 1 meter of two colours of the SAME TYPE of fabric. Since this is double sided you can get funky with your fabric choices.

Measure the waistband length you will need then cut a waist band about 7 inches wide and desired length. Iron over a seam allowance and then a crease down the middle.

Next measure the apron against your body. It should reach about mid-hip, some will be taken up in the seaming. Also get a friend to mark what length you want. Cut this shape out, one of each fabric or two the same. Using a plate or large bowl round the bottom two corners.

Find center bottom and pin it. Then sew to the pins on both sides. Using and iron to shape it make a button hole with the pinned opening.

Flip right side out and iron flat. Then make a channel around the apron edge, I did one inch. This seam goes all the way around. Feed a ribbon or string through the channel by using a safety pin. Pull ribbon through button hole and secure a clip.

Attach the waistband. I re-enforced where the ribbons come out to secure tightly. Heavily sew a large button in the center of the waistband.

Holy shit you’re done!

Seriously this project only takes about an hour and is so much fun. Post your harvest aprons!

If you would like video instructions this lady does a nice job.

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