The Stacking Toys of Doom

Bwahaha! Check out these beauties! Admire them, because they took WAAAAYYY too long to make.

I have a niece and an honorary nephew under the age of one so I KNEW I needed to make something epic for them. Something that would earn me favourite aunt status.

I found the pattern on Ravelry, which cost a few bucks but the complexity of the pattern is not replicate-able (unless your a crochet guru).

I learned the hard way about mixing weights of yarn. The pedestal for the girl bear was re-crochetted three times as I made the rings. Her head is also significantly smaller so her snout looks a bit too big- but that’s character right?

The boy bear was all done from the same brand of yarn. He worked up just like the pattern suggests. It was actually crazy to just have everything slide into place without alterations.

One of the hardest parts was embroidering the nose. Next time I would definitely buy some plastic ones and only embroider the mouth. I think it would look cleaner.

The pattern suggest you make the pants into overalls with a few more crochetted bits. It was cute but I really liked the way it looked with out it.

The head always looked like Groot to me while I was finishing it up. I MAY do my own pattern up since I have all these plastic eyes and brown yarn now.

Anyway I hope my beloved babies love these bears as much as I do.

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