A lick of paint

This what my office used to look like. I am 100% certain it was once a baby nursery based on the colour and ridiculously small size.

Now that I am treating writing as my job, going to work for a certain number of words per day, I am spending a lot of time in here.

My office is also my craft room, my ironing area, my violin studio, and my reading nook. It has a lot of balls in the air. It made sense to invest a little time and money to make it beautiful AND functional.

So voila:

This beautiful green with the painted white trim really go with the carpet. This was my biggest worry, I can’t afford new carpet so what ever I chose had to work.

Literally everything was given to me or found at the thrift store. I don’t know why but I love that. It makes it feel like this awesome zen space was meant to come together.

My sewing machine and serger live under the table with these bitchin pillowcase covers. I found a table to use as a writing desk so it converts quickly into a sewing table.

All the painting and cleaning only took a weekend. The piece collecting was obviously a longer process. I would still like a non-hot pink plastic side table.

I am hoping that this little make over will yield dividends and I will start cranking out inspired work. I’ll keep you posted.

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