Furiously Happy

I just finished Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson.

I had been so excited to read this book when it came out, but initially the cover price was a bit steep. Luckily it was on sale on amazon prime days and I snatched up a copy for my kindle. I started it right away. Expecting my mind to be blown.

It wasn’t.

Most of the book feels like your watching an episode of the Gilmore Girls (fast and witty dialogue). And the rest is badly written ‘life advice’.

Yes, I know that’s what I write so I should shut up. But I was expecting some new insights, or at least some decent writing.

I will admit I had a few out-loud laughs in the early chapters before I got a bit jaded. I had to force myself to finish it.

In sum- not worth the money, but if you can borrow a copy and want to read about unrealistic shenanigans mostly involving taxidermied animals by all means go ahead.

2 thoughts on “Furiously Happy

  1. I was also disappointed in this book! I haven’t made it much further than about 50 pages in. I read first, and much preferred, her other one, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, which I listened to in the car as an audiobook.
    Also, sidenote, love the socks you made! Almost convinces me to knit something other than dishcloths!


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