Hurricane Husband- the fall out

My husband came home from work. And things have been nuts.

I love that man more then anything in the world (including my cat, but don’t tell her that), but he is like a hurricane.

Some of it is not his fault- he does have to lug around and then store a spectacular amount of gear. Since he works from home my once organized cold storage now overflows with (sometimes wet and often needing repairs) hip-waders and DIDSON computer parts. My cozy TV room now has a slight smell of fish and pine from the chainsaws and (also damp) piles of data forms. His office spills into the hall; helmets and camera parts.

I let him have a day to sleep and eat home-cooked food (moose of course, sick of fish). I even rubbed his back and pretended to be fascinated by the ins-and-outs of a fish wheel. I was genuinely interested in the health of the stocks this year. Ten years ago I didn’t know there were multiple types of salmon, now I know an embarrassing amount about their lifecycles.

Also, being a superb wife, I went hunting with him for a day. I love walking in the woods. I doesn’t bother me a lick when we ‘get skunked’, aka come home empty-handed. We ate sandwiches and chatted. We got some grouse so Dexter could use his inbred desire to retrieve. It was nice.

The next day I put on my bossy pants and forced him too clean, dry out, and organize his mountain of shit. There was some resistance, but after he saw what I had managed to do with his office in 2 hours he was much more motivated.

It took two full days to do the shop, cold storage, and TV room. That’s how much equipment this man has! As he passed me things I secretly threw out some of them- like pieces of trim and wood shorter then my forearm (I mean really?). We had to have a 5 minute negotiation about some lengths of aluminum that had a some point been cut to 10 inch lengths and were now likely useless.

He was shocked to learn that most of the cardboard boxes on the shelves were close to or completely empty. With the new Tupperware he condensed things down dramatically leaving space to get things up off the floor.

The stuff he still needs, waiting to load into the truck.

It’s amazing what good organization can do! Our basement is now lovely again. I spent all morning cleaning and it’s like a new house down there now (thought I did have to use a significant amount of febreeze to eradicate the fish smell).

It was a hard couple of days. We argued and made up many times. We hugged and drank too many cans of Coke. But I think we are both stoked about the results.

Today we are taking some time apart, me at home cleaning and writing, him out hunting with a friend. I am looking forward to when he gets home. I have missed him over the last 5 months, his visits were never long enough. I am glad I can start relying on him again. I am glad to have my partner back.

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