Rainy Day Earrings

Ug. It just won’t stop raining! I’ve done every chore, I’ve read the books, I’ve binged the Netflix… Good news is my thumb is out of the splint and I can now craft again! Woot!

Today I bring you crochet earrings. They are dead simple and cost about $2 to make.

You need:

-a pair of large old hoop earring you don’t wear anymore (mine were left over from a gypsy costume and were about 2.75 inches in diameter)

-two skeins of embroidery floss (I used DMC 550/purple) you will have a bit left over but not enough to use only one skein for two earrings

-2.35mm crochet hook

Begin by covering the hoops with a row of slip stitches using the entire thickness of the embroidery thread (aka don’t pull it apart into individual threads). Keep “casting on” until the hoops are covered (number of stitches varies with your specific hoops). Make sure the active part of the stitch is on the inside.

Now turn the hoop and start working your way back to the start. Chain 3 then double crochet in every other cast on stitch. Be sure to stay on the inside of the hoops.

Turn again. This time chain 2 then single crochet in every other double crochet. You can still pull stitches fairly tight on this row but be careful.

Turn again for the last row. Chain 2 and then single crochet in every other single crochet below. Now you have to be very aware of your tension. The stitches will be quite large and open.

And that’s it! So easy right? The pictures don’t give this jewel tone purple justice! They would look great in just about any color I think.

Let me know if you try them out!

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