White Bread

Photo by Mariana Kurnyk on Pexels.com

I have been accused of being too ‘white bread’. Of following gender stereotypes. Of adhering to the ‘American dream’.

This is garbage.

I WANT to cook and bake for my husband and friends. I LOVE being in the kitchen. It’s definitely one of my happy places, no anxiety, no stress, just me enjoying myself. I never feel hard done by or forced to be there.

Sure, cleaning sucks no matter how you slice it, but I would rather do it then have it build up for weeks before my husband has a few spare minutes. He is crazy busy. It makes me feel good to do these things for him. I want him to feel relaxed when he comes home. Also, I know I can go into a full-on tailspin when things get out of hand, so I just do a little regularly for my own sanity.

Yes, we have bought a house in a suburb-like community. We have two cars. A dog and a cat. We are living the dream right? Only if the dream involves hunting and growing a lot of your own food. Or composting all year round with our vermicompost.

I can see why from the outside our life looks like a page from a 1950’s catalogue. But from the inside it is something we have settled into because it works for us. My anxiety keeps me home so why not make that home as beautiful and comfortable as it can be? I can’t explore the world physically so why not culinarily? I struggle to meet friends for coffee so why not develop the perfect scone recipe and invite them here?

Everything I do has a reason. Sure, it’s a bit boring- a bit ‘white bread’. But joke’s on you.

I make most of my own bread.

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