And so it begins…

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Tis the season for Christmas crafting!

I love this time of year. I can legitimately knit for five hours straight while watching Christmas movies because I am doing something NECESSARY. My hubby is as pleased as I am to give and receive homemade gifts. Therefore my excessive crafting is a SERVICE. I am ensuring that people get the warm and fuzzies on the 25th.

Unfortunately for you fine folks I can’t post anything yet as some of you will be the lucky recipients and I don’t want to spoil anything. I will post all the pictures and pattern links in the new year.

This year (as per custom) everyone will get an ornament and then something especially for them. I’ve also decided to do the big gifts for the ladies in my life (the boys can have a turn next year). I have taken on an enormous project for my mother. Here is the link to pattern. Let’s just say she probably won’t be getting it until her birthday. Needles this tiny do not lend themselves to speed. I’ve had to shelve it for now until the season passes.

I still have many pairs of socks and mittens standing between me and my Christmas Eve rum and coke. But it’s a happy hurdle. Well, more like a long hike- its work technically, but its oh so enjoyable!

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