Fix Anything!

I think all knitters have had that sinking feeling when you finish a project and something is not right. I recently (due to concerns over running out of wool) made the cuff of some mittens way to short.

It turned out my concerns were not warranted- I had lots of wool left. I had knitted cuff up so I couldn’t just pull back and re-finish. I wondered out loud if I could somehow graft new cuffs on. My husband, being knitting illiterate, said “why not?”

Exactly, “why not?!”

Some internet research did not take long to show it was indeed possible!

And it is completely seamless!

I picked up above the ribbing to make it easier. You need to know the number of stitches at the point you chose to pick up so you can ensure you have all of the stitches. It makes the first row easier if you pick up the same side of each stitch, but if your a comfortable knitter it’s pretty obvious whether you need to knit through the front or back of the stitch.

Cutting into the work gave me a little heart attack- it just feels so wrong! All you do is just snip one stitch and then begin pulling out the row below where you picked up. I found a darning needle worked great. I also carefully unraveled the cuff so I could re-use the yarn.

Once you’ve removed the crappy part you just start knitting again using the stitches you picked up. Through the power of black magic it somehow appears consistent with the original stitches and you can not see any sort of join.

Mind blowing.

I am so excited to use this technique to fix my husband’s sweater which suffers from not knowing you need smaller needles to do the ribbing. It kills me this thing I spent hundreds of hours on is not perfect!

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