Three Dark Crowns

I wanted to wait until I finished the series to review these books but I just can’t! This fantasy series by Kendare Blake is mind-blowing. The world she has created is so rich and satisfying. The magic is clearly explained and has logical outcomes.

The series centers around a group of girls who have been born to destroy their sisters in order to claim the crown. The culture in the book is female-centric. Women hold the power and make the decisions for families and principalities. Their religion is also based on ‘the Goddess’.

Each sister has a different magic (as do all the people who support her) and throughout the series they learn to harness it and use it to their advantage. Each type of magic is valued for different reasons.

Seriously people, even if you’re not really into fantasy try this series out. The writing is great and the story moves briskly. If you’re into the fantasy genre prepare to have your world rocked.

2 thoughts on “Three Dark Crowns

  1. Since I’m practically a trucker for how much time I spend on the road I’m always looking for new podcasts and audiobooks. I started Three Dark Crowns (after foolishly downloading One Dark Throne thinking because it had 1 in the title it must be the first book…) and I’m 6/9 hours in. Love it! Obviously a little dark but fascinating so far, and it took me a while to realize that all the authority figures are women and they praise a Goddess. Which is refreshing and exciting! I’ll probably finish it by Friday and let you know how it goes!


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