Back to the Grind

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Today is the first work day of the new year in our house. Hubby has only come out of his office for coffee. I am writing. And deleting. And writing. Nori is trying to sleep on my keyboard and Dexter is sulking because he has to wait till later for his walk.

As I wash load after load of laundry, it feels bittersweet to be back to normal. I love feeling productive but I am BORED of my routine. So this year I am going to make an effort to change that. More outings and adventures! Tally-ho!

So if you know of any adventures a super-anxiety-prone weirdo can do I would love to hear them! I’m talking little things like going to the library. I probably can’t scale Everest just yet. Bonus points if we can bring the dog.

Love you all! Happy New Year

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