I think as a writer you are utterly at the mercy of the characters you create. For me the process of setting down the first draft goes something like this:

  1. Create an awesome main character.
  2. Fall in love a little bit.
  3. Forget other projects in excitement for shiny new character.
  4. Write a plot outline, more of a sketch really.
  5. Start writing- have a great time doing it!
  6. Character starts guiding the story away from your sketch.
  7. Panic and try to pull it back.
  8. Characters revolt.
  9. Delete ‘fix it’ scene in fear.
  10. Give in and allow characters to rule.

I have accepted this as my creative process. My current project is being co-opted by my main character. I’m floundering a bit. She wants the story to get a little dark, but I had purposefully created her to be fun and saucy. So she’s being shelved for a bit until she figures her shit out.

In the meantime, I am going to read. I have a bit of a back log on my Kindle since very little reading occurred over the holidays.

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