I got distracted…

I’m assuming you all forgot that this blog is also about knitting/crafting and not just my random thoughts and experiences.

I know I did.

I’ve been a little distracted with baby crap and actually being able to leave the house and get shit done. Also I’m not going to lie, my knitting project is hella boring.

So anyway here is what I’m working on…

This is a sweet little birth record that I enjoy stitching while watching ‘the great british sewing bee’ on youtube. It’s a surprisingly fun and wholesome show. Plus you learn lots of hot tips. I am also attempting the pattern hoop-less. So far it’s going well! You can buy pattern on Etsy.

This is the sweater from hell. It uses sock yarn and needles. It is knit in one piece from bottom to collar and then sleeves are inserted by picking up along edge of arm hole. And to make it extra fun the two front panels and collar are lace work.

I feel like I have been working on this for all of eternity yet I STILL don’t have the 23″ needed to split the work for arm holes.

Let’s just say the sock weight sweater will NEVER happen again. My mother better wear this thing every damn day.

What are you working on? And any tips to make the sweater go faster?

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