Road trip

I am 17 weeks pregnant and the world is exploding with COVID-19 terror. Currently, I am sitting in the sun on Vancouver Island, visiting my in-laws. It is so warm and comfortable here it is hard to remember to be afraid. Then you open Facebook (or god-forbid the News) and everything feels like its crashing down around me.

I’m terrified of the journey home. The ferry and Vancouver are basically population central. I don’t care if I get sick, I’m young and healthy, but what about the baby? Its as big as a large onion apparently, and its mother decided to drag it on a plague infected road trip. In hindsight, maybe not the best choice.

I’m definitely not one of the toilet paper hoarders but I can’t say I’m not worried.

On a happy side-note I am being absolutely spoiled by my in-laws. Good company, delicious food and even some yarn way nicer then I would ever buy. Also I made it through the whole 2-day trip down without major psychological incident. One emergency panic stop and that was it! I have also being going into town with my mother-in-law with very little discomfort. I needed a nap yesterday when the walls got a little melty but so far its been great!

Being pregnant is certainly agreeing with me.

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