The Swear Jar

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So as you folks know I MAY have a small problem with swearing… okay maybe a big problem.

But you may not know- my hubby is almost as bad.

And we are expecting our first baby. Sooo we have decided to try to curtail our colourful language before the baby starts learning words. I don’t want to be that mom who constantly gets letters home from school about ‘inappropriate language’.

This is flippin hard people! I had no idea that ‘fucking’ was my most commonly used word. I have a decent vocabulary but it was my go-to apparently. I am trying to catch the little bugger as I am talking. I can usually quickly swap it out for something more…tame. It is truly annoying to self-police like this, but I am sure it will get easier once my mind re-wires a bit.

The real problem is the ‘stub-toe’ situation. You know, when you drop something or hurt something and you involuntarily shout ‘F*CK!’, or in my case ‘Jesus F*CKING Christ’. I’ve been doing a lot of ‘ffffffffffffffudge’ which allows for a second for higher brain to kick in and override lizard brain.

We joked about starting a swear jar but realized we A)have no change in the house to put in the jar and B)would fill it in a day or two. So we agreed on pinches if you catch the other egregiously swearing. Once we get clear of the really bad stuff we can work on the accidental slips.

Now I have to decide what to do with my writing. It has been my saucy and sarcastic style to slip in the occasional swear word for emphasis. I think this is pretty innocent. Some of my characters swear, some do not. It’s a fact of life. But what about here in blog world? Should my writing reflect my new life style or do I keep things status quo? Will have to mull that one over a bit more…

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