A bright spot

I know everyone out there is FREAKING OUT and I will therefore try to not add to the stress. Let us talk of happy things!

  • I am 19 weeks today and the baby is as big as a mango! Can’t feel the movement yet, but I eagerly await that bizarre experience. Here’s a picture from the anatomy ultrasound, apparently bean was moving around the whole time so this is the best pic:
  • The sun is out in full force. No jacket needed for walks and all that gross grey sludge is FINALLY melting. It’s ABOVE ZERO people! Practically summer out there!
  • I am starting this project : https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/b33-30-baby-talk (sorry mom, your sweater is on hold for now. This is time sensitive!) I’ve been gifted some beautiful grey merino to use- thanks to my MIL.
  • My husband’s meetings have all been cancelled/postponed so I get him all to myself! It is so nice. He’s even helping with cooking and cleaning. He says because he knows I am more tired then normal, but I think he’s bored!
  • My belly is officially a belly! I get winded putting my boots on. I haven’t gained any weight, but I feel huge! I am terrified/excited to see if I get enormous like my mom did. It is truly weird to watch your body change everyday and to know it’s because there is a flippin PERSON living inside you!

So those are my happy thoughts for the day! Please send yours so we can all get through this crazy time together!

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