Hello from Social Isolation,

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

Never has a global crisis so pandered to my natural inclinations. Un-like most, I quite enjoy staying home and crafting or reading or writing. When I do go out the spooky emptiness of the stores it is soothing. Even my doctors appointments are by phone- preventing the panicked downtown driving experience.

Too keep things from spiralling into chaos both externally and internally, I am adhering to the same daily schedule I had before. It really helps keep the hours of Netfix-ing to a minimum. Hubby and I have coffee, then when he goes into work, I do some sort of chore (like yesterday I cleaned the oven). After lunch I have craft time, or lately writing time (yay!). During the afternoon I can check the news, but I try to only read a few things. Much more and my anxieties get out of hand. I try to go for a jog around 3pm, sometimes I drag Dexter- but he hates it. I have been making very elaborate dinners to fill the evening. I am not allowed to watch tv until 7pm, but by then I am usually VERY ready to sit down. Lately, we have been watching documentaries and I have learned a lot about ancient Rome and how to commit a murder.

I have so many projects on the go it is hard to focus on just one to work on. My sewing skills have much improved after many hours of dedicated You-Tube-ing. I am currently making a maternity dress from my own pattern! Unfortunately it is in plaid so pattern matching is more of an issue then I had hoped. I’ve also created a book rack, baby bibs, burp clothes and fabric blocks. All are waiting for Amazon orders to arrive before they can be finished- but I promise pictures as soon as they are!

We also popped our cherry and bought our first big baby thing! I invested in 15 cloth diapers that are so friggen cute I can’t get over it! And yes, I am dedicated to trying out cloth! I am tired of everyone telling me it’s too hard/gross/messy. I do not want to contribute all that diaper garbage to the landfill- even if it means more work for me. Our next purchase will be a crib. We are waffling between used and investing into a convertible new one. I like the idea of the bed growing with them. OR being good enough quality to last for more babies??

Speaking of the bean- the ultrasound shows a healthy baby with all the bits! So now we just wait. 19 weeks has never felt so long! Also the little bean is not so little anymore- I am mostly wearing hubby’s sweatpants. They also enjoy kicking during evening TV time. Only I can feel it so far but it is hella weird.

Now if I could only train the cat to not interrupt EVERYTHING that I try to do I might actually finish all my projects before the big day!

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