A neighbourhood

I think it is COVID loneliness creeping into everyone’s lives, but this summer is the summer of love in our little neighbourhood. Everyone comes out to chat when you are out doing yard work. People have been offering to help with our fence… Basically, if you are outside you are going to spend half of it talking.

The attached neighbour (we live in a duplex) and I have said more to each other in the last week then I have for the last 6 or 7 years she has lived there. She is super nice.

I imagine this is what life was like back in the pre-phone days. The only people you could regularly interact with were close to you, so you found things in common to talk about. We hash it out about the weather, my growing baby and the excitement surrounding it, hubby’s work and how that is going… There is also a teenage boy across the street fixing his beater car to the sweet sounds of classic rock. My sister is visiting and he has discovered she is basically an uncertified mechanic, so he comes and knocks on the door every afternoon to see if she can come play. It’s adorable.

It is nice to wave to everyone as we walk the dog. I feel so safe and warm and fuzzy. I hope it continues after quarantine ends.

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