The lid is off

Okay. I’ve only been on a lower dose of Lithium for a very short time, but I am already noticing a difference. It’s like the lid is off of the jar. So far everything is just sloshing around in the jar, nothing has escaped yet, but I don’t know what will happen with the next step down.

Its both terrifying and exhilarating to have the cap off. My emotions are bigger, fuller- more real. I’m also more creative and energetic. Unfortunately, this new brightly coloured world poses a real threat of my mind getting too free. I will have to be so careful and manage this with a tight leash.

In keeping with this louder life I am still seeing things all the time. My sister says I’m “beautiful minding it”. The other day a fully formed child ran across our lawn- and then vanished. The visitors are getting more real looking and often are indistinguishable from reality until they disappear. It is unsettling.

I also wonder if others experience this: speaking about someone near the phone and then worrying for the rest of the day that they somehow heard you. If I need to say something negative I will move my phone to a different room. Is this weird? Asking for a friend- lol.

Despite all this I am doing really well. Getting lots done in a day. Also have started Zumba online with a good friend of mine. It’s super fun- but I can feel that soon the belly will be too big!

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