28 weeks

Had my 28 week check up today. I had 4 anxiety poops before leaving. I had to breathe through a pretty intense panic attack en route. But once I got there it was all good news. Gestational diabetes scan was negative. Baby is (clearly) growing well. Heartbeat was strong. And I had only gained 0.8kg in four weeks. I attribute this entirely to Zumba. Its is crazy fun and you don’t even realize you’re doing cardio for an hour. I’m obviously a lot less graceful right now but I still do it three times per week.

My sister has been here saving my bacon for several weeks. I get over heated easily and bending over is a chore, so she has been doing my part of the work expected on the fence. It’s finally done so she’s going to go home and pick up her new kitten (who sounds adorable). It’s been nice having her around and luckily she’ll be back in August for the birth.

Now we must prep the shed area for the delivery on Monday. The dude is just going to back it in and slide it off. It’s pretty amazing. And a hell of a lot less work then building from scratch. It will be so nice to have my yard back, though the areas not covered in crap have grass a foot tall that I will have to intensively mow.

I’m still not writing which is sad and frustrating but likely the norm for a long time. I am also adjusting nicely to decreased lithium and getting ready for another step down- exciting!

So, let’s just say things are going great (knock on wood) and I am happy and balanced. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as well!

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