Recommendations Please!

Okay people, I haven’t written a book review in a LONG time. This is not because I have stopped reading. It is because I haven’t read anything worth reviewing. I don’t often abandon a book in the middle, I usually tough it out to the end- you know, just in case it magically gets better. I have already jumped ship twice this month.

Our library is STILL closed so I have to know what I want and order it, or buy it on kindle. There is no browsing or scoping out the ‘popular reads’ shelf.

Unfortunately the deals on kindle are deals for a reason. I have come across some good ones but most are so bad I’m annoyed I spent 99c on it!

I like accurate historical fiction and fantasy mostly, bonus points if the book is a bit of both. I also read the ‘heavier’ literature that speaks about the human condition. I love anything that exposes me to other cultures or times.

Help a girl out and comment with your recommendations! I’m getting desperate here!

3 thoughts on “Recommendations Please!

  1. Henry David Thoreau, by Laura Dassow; Walden on Wheels, by Ken Ilgunas. Two favorites of mine from this year. There are more good ones (at least I liked them) on my book blog:
    Happy reading,


  2. Have you ever read Home for Unwanted Girls? It’s about ththe orphanages in Quebec during the 50’s and I found out that my family was directly affected so it hit differently. I’m having problems making suggestions since lots of the best stuff I’ve read came from you!
    My sister recommended these (and she is a lot smarter/cooler than me)
    Colonel pettigrew’s last stand
    Esi edugyan  – Washington Black
     Rachel Cusk – Transit
    Lisa Wingate – Before We Were Yours

    Good luck!!


  3. I am also in the midst of Home for Unwanted Girls in audiobook format. It’s good but I am also finding it hard to listen to as it is accurate, painful, historical fiction.
    I very much enjoyed City of Girls and The Signature of All Things (Elizabeth Gilbert) and The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss), and The Black Witch series (Laurie Forest, they get better as they go on). Also in the historical category Beneath a Scarlet Sky (Mark Sullivan) is a true story and it blew my mind.


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