The Magicians

The dry spell has passed! I have just finished ‘The Magicians’ by Lev Grossman.

The reviews claim it is an adult ‘Harry Potter’ which I have heard before, and was skeptical, but this book really delivers. Seventeen year old Quentin is whisked away from his boring and frustrating life to Brakebills a school of magic in Boston. The place is full of horny teenagers with varying magical skill and a seemingly indifferent cast of teachers. He makes friends and pushes limits, always searching for what will finally make him happy.

Upon graduation his friend group embarks on an adventure to save Fillory- a magical land which sounds suspiciously like Narnia. This happens in the last third of the book so be prepared for a lot of reading before the action begins. Despite the story being a little slow, Quentin is an interesting and relatable character. There is no sugar coating here- his emotions are real and raw.

In the tradition of fantasy novels the book ends on a cliffhanger forcing you to read the whole series. I will keep you posted on the sequel.

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