Body Sharing

I mistakenly believed that at the end of my pregnancy I was going to get my body back. I had shared it with G for 8 months and I was looking forward to more freedom. Little did I know that it would not end- only change.

I still have to be careful about what I’m eating and drinking. No alcohol and no coffee. Even my beloved bananas are gone. G goes crazy if I have a coffee and gets gassy with bananas. Le sigh. Decaf for me still. Also, though I have an okay supply, G is growing at a (somewhat alarming) rate and demands huge amounts of boob food. So I find myself baking lactation cookies and downing gallons of water.

The amount of time I spend hooked to a pump or my child would have shocked and disturbed pre-baby me. Heck, it disturbs me now. Breastfeeding is lovely. But also boring. Just a warning to pre-mums, save up some shows on Netflix you want to watch because you will need many (many) hours of handsfree entertainment.

Because of the C-section I am very limited in what and how much I can do physically. At first it was a chore and a painful experience to hike down and back up from our laundry in the basement. Now I feel much more capable and the twinges sneak up on me and remind me: ‘you just had major surgery, slow the f* down’. The most frustrating thing is no vacuuming or lawnmowing. As the primary (read: only) one who does these chores it has been a frustrating experience. Watching the dog-fur dust bunnies blow by, or wading through the jungle lawn to the compost makes me cringe. Luckily, my sister came to stay for a bit and managed to tidy things up for me.

I am DYING to get back to my pregnancy fitness routine. I miss long walks, Zumba and weight training. I felt so good going into the final months and I really want to feel that way again. Not to mention it would probably help me lift this expanding child without all the back pain.

As G gets bigger and takes more naps not on my boobs I am getting more freedom and mobility during the day. This is awesome. I LOVE my baby more then anything. But I also love knitting. And that needs two free hands. Plus our dinners have become more then cereal and freezies. Yay nutrients! (Another pre-mom tip: make your freezer stash early! I thought I had so much time. Wrong.)

While I somewhat enjoyed this last month of hysterical crying (both me and G, and sometimes hubby) I am really looking forward to having my body back all to myself. To eating what ever I want, to exercising without pain, to use both hands at the same time… its going to be wonderful.

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