To Buy or Not to Buy?

So apparently there are like a billion things out there marketed to babies and moms. I’m almost certain you NEED almost none of it, but it is very easy to get sucked into what you WANT (usually cause it’s so goddamn cute!). I have caved and bought a few maternity tops. To my immense satisfaction they are actually built to house enormous boobs and look pretty darn good if you ask me. I may keep wearing them after baby.

I have also been added to some baby/mommy swap or sell facebook groups by other mom friends and the amount out there is astounding! Some of it is an amazing deal and it is soooo hard to not buy. Fortunately/unfortunately both my husband and I are terrified to jinx the pregnancy by starting to buy too early. I am just starting the second trimester and it feels like counting my chickens to buy a crib already. I think we are both natural worriers and incubating a baby is only making it worse.

We have decided to wait until the third trimester to start collecting the baby things. But that has not stopped us from rearranging the house to accommodate a nursery. It feels less permanent to just move furniture, but it is satisfying my insane urge to nest. Also, I have started a birth announcement cross-stitch that I work on when I’m feeling broody.

This part of the pregnancy is wonderful. No more morning sickness and the fatigue is lifting. Hubby says my skin is amazing and I look happy. I FEEL happy too. The only hard part is remembering you’re pregnant! Sometimes its painfully obvious (like trying to put on jeans) but other times you forget and then it comes rushing in (like almost passing out while trying to move a dresser downstairs). Everyone says to enjoy this part and I am doing my best to!

So amongst all the strife of what we need/what we can afford/what we want, little bean is happily incubating and causing very few problems. I am so excited to co-habitate right now that I am trying not to think about how bean will be exiting in a few months time.

First Pattern

I created this simple little pattern on PCStitch. I’m not sold on the program. It seems to work great for different fonts but I have yet to figure out how to curve or angle the text blocks.

I am still on the hunt for a more user-friendly program. Any ideas?

A Brief History of X-stitch

X-stitch is a relatively new phenomenon in my life. I blame my mother.

Luckily it’s a SUPER cheap hobby. And takes up very little space. So it’s ideal really.

It all started with this kit from Micheals that my mother bought for me. She thought would be good for calming my racing thoughts. She also thought a reminder of my recent wedding would ground me. It worked. That woman is definitely a genius.

So here it is. In all it’s squared-off-curves glory.

Ain’t she a beauty.

Sadly, it seems they do not stock this kit anymore. Sorry folks.


Next I decided that I was going to make EVERYONE on my Christmas list a tree ornament. Because there were so many I knew I needed something easy. I also did not have the skill level to do anything elaborate. That little sampler took months. So I did white snowflakes on coloured aida. BAM. Cheating hardcore.

After many more small projects (a minion for a fan, butterflies for mother’s day) I decided to throw caution to the wind and take on an enormous project for a very good friend’s wedding. I wanted something really special so I found this pattern in Cross Stitch Crazy that I KNEW I absolutely had to stitch.

After that I had the confidence to take on anything.

So advice for new stitchers? There is not a lot of technical expertise to the craft. It is mostly patience. Over time you will get faster at stitching, things will look neater with practice. Have the confidence to start a big project.

Knitting will always be my homegirl. But sometimes making something that you envisioned on fabric is so satisfying.

Much love and happy crafting!