Just One Damned Thing After Another

I got this book because of the title. And it completely delivers.

It is by no means literature, but it a rip-roaring, time-travelling, laugh-out-loud adventure. I enjoyed the heck out of it even while pretty depressed- so that’s saying something.

Unfortunately, it is part of a long series so now I’m committed to something big. But even as a stand alone, the story was good. Plus the protagonist is awesome. She’s funny, tough, and smart.

I’m not going to tell you anything else because each chapter had me gasp and go: ‘no way!’ And I want you to have that experience too.

The Magicians

The dry spell has passed! I have just finished ‘The Magicians’ by Lev Grossman.

The reviews claim it is an adult ‘Harry Potter’ which I have heard before, and was skeptical, but this book really delivers. Seventeen year old Quentin is whisked away from his boring and frustrating life to Brakebills a school of magic in Boston. The place is full of horny teenagers with varying magical skill and a seemingly indifferent cast of teachers. He makes friends and pushes limits, always searching for what will finally make him happy.

Upon graduation his friend group embarks on an adventure to save Fillory- a magical land which sounds suspiciously like Narnia. This happens in the last third of the book so be prepared for a lot of reading before the action begins. Despite the story being a little slow, Quentin is an interesting and relatable character. There is no sugar coating here- his emotions are real and raw.

In the tradition of fantasy novels the book ends on a cliffhanger forcing you to read the whole series. I will keep you posted on the sequel.

Recommendations Please!

Okay people, I haven’t written a book review in a LONG time. This is not because I have stopped reading. It is because I haven’t read anything worth reviewing. I don’t often abandon a book in the middle, I usually tough it out to the end- you know, just in case it magically gets better. I have already jumped ship twice this month.

Our library is STILL closed so I have to know what I want and order it, or buy it on kindle. There is no browsing or scoping out the ‘popular reads’ shelf.

Unfortunately the deals on kindle are deals for a reason. I have come across some good ones but most are so bad I’m annoyed I spent 99c on it!

I like accurate historical fiction and fantasy mostly, bonus points if the book is a bit of both. I also read the ‘heavier’ literature that speaks about the human condition. I love anything that exposes me to other cultures or times.

Help a girl out and comment with your recommendations! I’m getting desperate here!